What Diabetes Ireland do for us


Diabetes Ireland are in total support of what we are doing re: our petition and presenting it to Minister Harris, we are consulting with them about any plans we make and they will be with us when we present our petition to Minister Harris.

However something struck me during this whole process.

Back in the day ( as they say ) did you know that people with diabetes had to pay for their supplies & medications. It was Diabetes Ireland and the work they did that finally got our medications & supplies included in the LTI – long term illness scheme saving us hundreds of €€ per month.

Diabetes Ireland also got the eye screening programme set up, the pumps for kids, & structured education for kids, both huge successes.
But people don’t realize all of this. Up til now they have been working on getting the adults on the agenda but they cant do that with out us.

there are many more examples of how we have benefited because of their work, but this is just a couple of examples.

Although us volunteers And Diabetes advocates work voluntarily, Diabetes Ireland have large overheads and need funding.

When something goes wrong or something happens that we don’t like, we are quick to go to their Facebook page and complain bitterly and criticize while expecting them to act on whatever we want them to.

I wonder how many of those complaining and criticizing are paid up members ?
It’s only €30 a year. (That’s 0.09 cent a day or 0.57 cent per week)

I’m asking that you support us by taking a membership with Diabetes Ireland, They are the first people we go to when things are wrong but they can often be the last people we support when they need it.

Thank you in advance for your consideration





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