Finally !!!! We got a reply from Minister Simon Harris’s Office,


Simon Harris, Minister For Health


15 MAR 2018 — Finally !!!! We got a reply from Minister Simon Harris’s Office, (See Below) and it would appear he would prefer that we do not clutter up the gates of the Dail.

While we understand his position and will certainly respect his request to deliver our petition to Hawkins House which would take us away from the Dail, to the dept of health where the press wouldn’t be, and no member of the Government or anyone else would see.

So I’m thinking …..
meeting outside the Dail and walking to Hawkins House together ?
Thats just my thoughts….


13th March 2018
Ref: MSHD0148-18


Dear Ms Lyon,


Minister Harris would like to thank you for your recent correspondence inviting him to meet with you

to accept the hand-over of your petition. Owing to a full schedule of Diary and Government business 

the Minister is unable to accede to your request. The Minister has asked that you deliver the petition

to the Department of Health, Hawkins House, where senior officials from the Minister’s Office will

collect it and bring it to the Minister’s attention.


Yours sincerely

Paula Smeaton
Private Secretary*************************


I’m Davina Lyon
Co-Founder of Diabetes T One & A Diabetes Life





I’m Davina, I’m not a professional, just a person with type 1 diabetes sharing experience



For those who think diabetes is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle let me clarify a couple of things.

I have type 1 diabetes. It’s an autoimmune disease. Nothing I did, or didn’t do caused it and nothing I do will cure it. There’s is currently no cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes happens because our own antibodies attack and destroy an organ in the body. it’s an autoimmune response where antibodies that normally fight disease mistake a part of our body (the pancreas in this case) as foreign and attack to destroy it. When those antibodies attack the insulin producing islets in the pancreas we stop producing insulin so we need to inject or pump it.

Without insulin a person with type 1 diabetes would die. At present it is not known what causes this to happen, and there is no cure.
A person with Type 1 diabetes MUST inject or pump insulin to stay alive.

There are many factors that contribute to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes so pre judgment of a lifestyle choice is unfair at very least.
A person with Type 2 diabetes, while still producing their own insulin for various reasons their body cannot use it correctly or efficiently.
These people are generally treated with oral medications and sometimes with insulin injections.

Please support me to help raise funds for
Thriveabetes or Diabetes Ireland.

Thriveabetes is completely organised by volunteers. The financial cost of Thriveabetes is subsidized through fundraising, event ticket sales, sponsorship and an adjoining exhibition.
If you would like to make a donation to Thriveabetes – we appreciate every single donation.

Diabetes Ireland have been a huge support to me and our Type 1 Community.

Diabetes Ireland Fundraising link :



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