Living With Type 1 Diabetes


Living with Diabetes………………………………..

This is John’s first time sharing his experience of living with Diabetes but from reading a lot of negative experiences on social media, He felt it was important that he shared his experience and hopes that it helps people look at Diabetes differently and helps fellow diabetics to have a different outlook when dealing with it on a day to day basis.

Johns Experience of Living with Diabetes !

My name is John and I was diagnosed type 1 Diabetic nearly 19 years ago at the age of 16. I was a fit, active lad and there was no family history of diabetes.

At first I thought my life was over. I doubted that I would sit my Leaving Certificate and wondered if I would live a “normal life.” The above thoughts lasted all of five minutes; I had a scout sports competition (Feile Na Gasoga) that I needed to be ready for.

It was only in 1998 that they had introduced the quick use pens, so it was a few days of getting to use to “pricking myself”, checking bloods and getting used to my new reality…………… I was a diabetic!

What was the reality for me?

Being quiet honest, it took a bit of getting used to but after a few weeks, I was back in transition year, heading away with scouts, friends and school events. I began my first part time job and I went on to sit my Leaving Certificate and head to College………….

The only difference was I had to inject myself as my pancreas was knackered and wasn’t producing insulin so I had to inject it.

Almost nineteen years on, I have traveled to many places around the world, got my degree, played team sports, hiked mountains, drank pints, ate chocolate, bought a house and continue to be successful and volunteer in many positions in the community.

Diabetes will stop you doing nothing that you want to do in life – I was told that I couldn’t do a number of things – bullshit!!!!!!

Some people might say at this stage that I am coming across as some A1 diabetic, well I am not – I’ve had the bad HbA1c results but like everything in life, after a fall, you get back up, dust yourself down and try again.

We spend roughly 20 minutes a day looking after our health. The hypos will happen, the bad days will too but there is far more good times with good management and everything in moderation.

My advice to any type 1 diabetic is dance, drink, hike, love, work and do all the things that make you happy because the only certainty for now is – the diabetes isn’t going away!!!!!!

It hasn’t stopped me and I hope that others can do the same – the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Hope this helps.



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