Sick day rules flowchart

Advice Given To Type 1 Diabetic's For Managing Insulin Doses During Illness

flowchart to advise someone with Type 1 diabetes how to manage With The sick day rules.

Let’s talk Hyperglycaemia and DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis, to give it its full title.. ………

  Let’s talk Hyperglycaemia and DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis, to give it its full title.. ……… DKA happens when your blood glucose is too high, it …

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A Hypo or Hypoglycaemia is when a person with Diabetes has Low Blood Glucose

  There’s nothing that freaks me out more than when I hear someone say, “If you were having a hypo id give you insulin” THIS …

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Being an ostrich with Diabetes

    Being an ostrich with Diabetes After I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes it took time for the shock and sadness to finally …

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In July I received a pm to our Facebook page from Forward Design. They make a band to hold your sensor secure on your arm, price is roughly €30 – €35 depending on model and color.

Initially I thought, yes, great idea for the Libre wearers who are having difficulty keeping a sensor in place either on their own arm or the arm of a child, but my sensor is an Enlite.

The enlite sensor is recommended to be worn on the tummy area but I had decided to try it on my arm for a change and join those who were clearly spreading awareness and making a statement about their Type 1 Tech.

To my delight the accuracy was amazing and even tighter than when worn on my tummy.

Shane from forward design asked me to send him a sensor & transmitter as I would wear it and with his printing technology he said he would make me one for my enlite and I was thrilled at the possibility of being like all the other sensor wearers.


FreeStyle Libre – diabetes management device for Type 1 Diabetes

Frank O’Rourke T.D. – North Kildare Speaking with his colleague, Mary Butler T.D. in the Dáil chamber earlier, asking that the Minister for Health Simon Harris T.D. provide clarity on the roll out of the FreeStyle Libre (diabetes management device) and asking if it will be extended to all with Type 1 diabetes. I have also requested that the Minister meet with a delegation from the diabetes community who have signed a petition for inclusion in the scheme.

Awareness to Type1 Diabetes in children and For DKA awareness.

This short video is to bring awareness to Type1 Diabetes in children and For DKA awareness. it was sponsored by Kildare Diabetes Group in association with Diabetes T1 Ireland.

Radio Interviews


A visit To the Dail recently calling for improved diabetes services in Ireland.

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Medtronic i-Port Advance™ 

€123 Inc VAT


i-Port Advance injection port is a product that can be used by both adults and children who use a pen or syringe to inject prescribed medications, including insulin. 


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