Public announcement – watch out world – ​I’m back with a bang……




​Public announcement – watch out world – ​I’m back with a bang……

It’s no secret that I’m probably known for speaking my mind when I see a wrong or injustice being done but for the last year all of​ that was pushed to one side in order to move house and get myself set up properly again.

I will admit though that I was considering quietly sliding into a retirement and letting the worlds wrong doings pass me by without my acknowledgement.

Through the last year Iv found myself in situations not of my choice and at times felt powerless to change them but all the while feeling very stressed over what had been happening & how others felt they could treat me but still i still said very little.

The change of heart started after meeting someone by accident after 20 plus years. A person I lent a helping hand to when it was needed walked up to me to say thank you all these years later. It started to make me think

“yes I did, and still can make a difference”.

Then comes the NOT great news that adults with type 1 diabetes are not worthy of the HSE reimbursing the Freestyle Libre for them.

Turns out only children / teens are valued in that way.

Never mind the fact that many type 1 moms & dads have children to care for and must also hold down a job to provide for their children.

Clearly the health of adults with type 1 diabetes is of little importance to the HSE and Minister for health.

The Result ?

* Only when we actively speak out about wrong or injustice can we be pro active and try to prevent a wrongful series of events happen to us or another person.

* Only when we put a value on ourselves can we stop someone who sees us with little value.

* only when we stop being afraid to speak out can we

​stop others thinking they can dictate to us without any reprecusion.

whether it be on a personal or professional level ​remember, if we dont value ourselves we cannot expect others to value us.

​This will be my 2018 mantra,

Speak up when your wronged, ​remember there is no “i” in team, leave the “i” folk to take care of themselves and their personal agenda.

Dont be the sole on someone else’s shoe,

Let Karma do her job.

Dont take someone into your circle that will most liklely try to be your downfall.


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