Who is Davina Lyon​ – A little insight into me​.

Who is Davina Lyon​ – A little insight into me​.
I am first & foremost a family person,​ a mother, ​a ​Grandmother, ​and​ a mother in law.
I love gardening and relaxing in the sun with my 2 dogs.
Iv got several tattoos, some were done before my Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and some after, and im not saying where they are lol.
I dye my hair myself always neglecting to dye a substantial amount of grey in my fringe area just over my right temple.
Iv earned my grey the hard way and im quite proud of that.
Im a big Harry Potter fan, and those who know me say im a bit of a witch.​ Next stop is Hogworts……
Im a firm believer that what you put out , you will recieve 3 fold and this has always proven to be the case for me.

After all​ that,

I am a person with Type 1 Diabetes who was diagnosed at a later stage in life just before my 50th Birthday.
Because of the trauma and crippling fear I had at diagnosis I did everything I could to learn as much as I could as fast as I could about Type 1 Diabetes, it’s causes, treatments, and the technology that could possibly make life just a little easier while living with this disease.
I’m not a shy, shrinking violet type of person, I’m more of a make noise and plenty of it kind of person when I believe passionately in a cause, issue, or injustice.
I do best when surrounded by people I can interact with and although some alone time is welcome, too much of it can make me lose my way a little. Basically I need a sense of purpose, without a purpose I ​tend to ​get a bit​ lost.
I can recover from being let down once, sometimes twice, after that it’s shutdown time and there will never be a third time. My confidence can be shaken easily.
This came kinda naturally to me because of the kind of person I am but I think it’s really important to remain impartial, so I don’t personally benefit when interacting with companies about various diabetes related topics and technologies.
I think it’s important everyone understands that I also don’t benefit when advocating with a charity who may be sponsored or supported by a company.
In short​,​ nobody pays me and I don’t allow myself to be compromised.!
But I do want the information they provide to me.
Although I’m on a Medtronic 640G insulin pump and CGM combined, I still set up the Libre4All petition which amassed 19,003 signatures because i firmly believed the decision made to make it accessible ​only ​to children / teens​, reimbursed by the HSE​ but not adults, is age discrimination, then I went forward with the campaign with other advocates from our community​ to finalize and deliver it to our government, it was ​most definately ​a team effort.
I am very much a team player and would be the first to say there is no “I” in team. I always endeavor to give credit where it’s due and wouldn’t dream of taking credit for something I didn’t achieve alone. Integrity is a big thing for me.
The Ego:
If an advocate is advocating for ​personal ​credit or recognition then they are advocating for themselves and their status. ​Although this might inevitably get a result for people in our community, we must recognise that is was noise created to bring personal attention for status.​ Th​is is when advocacy​ i​s​ Ego driven.
I believe to be a​ true​ advocate, is to put forward a case on behalf of, or to support along side of others​, as a team​ fighting the good fight together.
I’m most comfortable ​advocating  as​ part of​ a team and if at the end of it all someone appreciates what was done and gives recognition to who achieved it then that’s a bonus, but I hold firmly in my mind that it’s not all about me, it’s about, and for, all of our diabetes community.

From time to time I get asked to try a new product so I can let others know about it in an informative way whether that’s positive or negative.

Other times i get a call to meet and interact with a company who supplies diabetes related stuff.
This week alone Iv had 2 of those phone calls and when I decide whether to accept or decline them I will let you all know about it and my reasons for my decision.
Iv Co Founded ​alongside​ John O Reilly​,
Diabetes T One Facebook page
Which is a private support group
just press join and an admin will admit you.

“My Mantra while living with Type 1 Diabetes is”

I’m Davina Lyon, I’m not a professional, just a person With Type 1 Diabetes sharing experience.

For those who think diabetes is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle let me clarify a couple of things.

I have type 1 diabetes. It’s an autoimmune disease. Nothing I did, or didn’t do caused it and nothing I do will cure it. There’s is currently no cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes happens because our own antibodies attack and destroy an organ in the body. it’s an autoimmune response where antibodies that normally fight disease mistake a part of our body
(the pancreas in this case) as foreign and attack to destroy it.
When those antibodies attack the insulin-producing islets in the pancreas we stop producing insulin so we need to inject or pump it.

Without insulin a person with type 1 diabetes would die. At present it is not known what causes this to happen, and there is no cure.
A person with Type 1 diabetes MUST inject or pump insulin to stay alive.

There are many factors that contribute to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes so pre judgment of a lifestyle choice is unfair at very least.
A person with Type 2 diabetes, while still producing their own insulin for various reasons their body cannot use it correctly or efficiently.
These people are generally treated with oral medications and sometimes with insulin injections.

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